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Having a website is great, but having a website that people use is even better. Gain more traffic and increase your Google rank.

Increase Traffic to Your Website with Search Engines

We have good news! Google and other search engines have programs (robots/spiders) that browse websites all day long. You don't even have to tell Google you created a new website to get your site on Google. However, getting your website in search engine databases doesn't mean it's going to help your website bring in new business.

Oklahoma City Search Engine Optimization SEO
Oklahoma Search Engine Optimization

How Search Engine Optimization Works

Let's run through a senario where search engine optimization displays it's true power! Say you own a lock smith company in Oklahoma City. A Thunder fan is late for the game and accidentally locked their keys in their car rushing to their seats. What are they going to do? With most people owning smart phones, you can probably assume they are going to get on their mobile device and search lock smiths in Oklahoma City.

This is where SEO comes into play. We research your business and figure out how users are searching for your services. Once we find out how users are searching for your product, we optimize your site for those particular keywords. This tells Google and other search engines "Hey, we can help!" we are lock smiths in oklahoma city, display our website to the user.

If your website isn't optimized for your business services or products you could be missing out on hundreds of clients needing your servcies. Check out our mobile website page to provide your users an even greater experience on the go.

How we get your site higher on search engines like Google

Our search engine optimization strategy can be broken down into a few main points.

  • Company research: First we learn about your company and get a understading for your products and services.
  • Competition Analysis: As they say,"keep your friends close and your enemies closer". We research your competition and figure out the best approach to take the lead.
  • Keyword research: Keyword research is one of the most important factors to optimizing your website. We find keywords that are relvant to your company, that we know people are searching.
  • Create optimization strategy: Once we have our keywords and know what your what your competition is up to. We are ready to start optimizing your website.
  • Optimize: We have everything we with all our research and our strategy is ready. We code your site and develop content to reinforce the keywords we found best for your company.
  • It takes time: Search engine optimization isn't instant. It could take weeks or even months until your website optimization starts kicking in.

Optimize your website and increase traffic

Increase your rank on search engines